Licking Knives

Exploring the themes of identity and self-determination, Licking Knives is a darkly funny story told by a confident, confused, indignant young woman who decides to leave home in the spring of 1939. It is a journey that will take you across Europe from a stick in the Ukrainian mud to the City of Lights.

“Ukrainian people are convinced that everything will turn out shit because it always has. And they are always right.” – from Licking Knives

Written and Performed by Melanie Hrymak
Stage Managed by Sarah Niedoba
Sound Design by Tessa Springate
Graphic Design by Sarah Beaudin
Promotional Photography by LV imagery

Mooney on Theatre and Mooney on Theatre Recommends
“as perfect and as powerful a theatrical performance as anyone is likely to see at Fringe”…”a stunning work”
My Entertainment World
“achingly tragic and utterly compelling”
In the Greenroom: Top Pick of the Fringe
“powerful and relevant”
ArtsVox: Fringe Pick
“A touching little gem”

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